About Us:
Burgess Sugarhouse is a producer of pure all natural Vermont Maple Syrup.  It is a family run operation
that was started by Bill and Jim's Grandparents in 1980 after their retirement.  The sugarhouse is now run
by Bill, Marsha, Jim and Kelly with the help of our four children.

We currently tap about 3500 maple trees and have miles of pipeline that comes down our sugarbush hill
to our small sugarhouse located at the base of beautiful Mt. Mansfield in Underhill, Vermont.  

Our evaporator is fueled solely from wood we harvest ourselves from our sugarbush using sustainable
forest practices.  We add nothing to our raw sap that comes down from our thousands of maple trees and
take away only water.

On average it takes about forty gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.

Please feel free to visit our sugarhouse.   You may want to call first just to make sure we are not out in the
woods, especially during the season.  
Burgess Sugarhouse Underhill, Vermont (802) 899-5228  info@burgesssugarhouse.com