Frequently Asked Questions:

How well do the glass containers ship?
Yes!  We've actually found that they ship better than the plastic and tin containers.   

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, all orders can be purchased directly from our sugarhouse during the season and
from our office the rest of the year.

Is our syrup organic?
It is not certified organic however, maple syrup is inherently organic. We do not add
anything to our syrup and take only water away.  All it is, is sap from a maple tree boiled
down to a thicker consistency. We do not use fertilizer or pesticides.  We feel it is
ridiculous to pay $2500 to become
certified organic which would allow us to put an organic
label on our bottles and in turn charge you more for the same product.

Can I visit the sugarhouse?
Yes, anytime we are boiling people are welcome. We ask that groups of people call first
so that we know to have enough staff (family members) around to provide an enjoyable
experience. We encourage groups to schedule a time and come visit. The sugarhouse
can be a dangerous place for children. We have a large wood fired evaporator and an
open front pan. This allows for classic sugaring charm and a great view of the boiling
process. However, with temperatures exceeding 400 degrees in areas, we ask that
children have adequate supervision inside the sugarhouse.

Can I check on an order status?
Yes, just send us an email and we will let you know the status of your order.
Burgess Sugarhouse Underhill, Vermont (802) 899-5228  info@burgesssugarhouse.com